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SuperWhite C+




The master of skin whitening antioxidant’
Clinically proven results to suppress the formation of melanin within 4 weeks*
✅Dark Spots

‘The master of skin whitening antioxidant’ and 160% (RDI)1 high potency antioxidant vitamin C effectively support UV protection, suppress formation of melanin* and retain moisture in the dermal layer for hydration. It provides with high efficacy and targeted skin protection to prevent the problem of skin aging, such as darkness, sagging, freckle and dehydrated skin.

Suppress formation of melaninUV BLOCK
🍒Oxidation, Pigmentation & UV Prevention
🍒Keep your skin plump, smooth and firmMOISTURE
🍒Retain and replenish long-lasting moisture

Take 2 times daily (day and night)
Refreshing orange flavor
Pour the powder directly into your mouth and drink plenty of water
To Achieve Bright and Flawless Skin