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SuperSlim Vegan Protein Travel Package




1. Mixed with 250ml water/plant based milk, shake well for about 10 seconds
2.Lose Weight & Muscle Firming
- Drink before meal to control your appetite and reduce caloric intake
3.Enhance Fat Reduction
-Drink before / after exercise to enhance the effect of weight loss and muscle building

SuperSlim Protein is a superior high protein product designed for those
who wish to pursue a healthy body weight with muscular definition and firm body shape.
SuperSlim Protein is specifically formulated with Superfoods+Probiotic Cultures+ Plant Enzymes and Vegan Proteins. This innovative formula is good for enhancing lean muscle growth,
boost fat metabolism, probiotic balance, and maintaining a strong immune system.
More protein intake can lose more fat and help your body repairs and muscles firming after exercise. Chasing after slimness is no longer your goal, processing health and energy shall be the milestone to weight management.