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SuperGreen Detox + Skin Support




1.Mix with 250ml water, drink with an empty stomach
2.Mix with 250ml water and juice, drink with an empty stomach
3.Add into yogurt
4.Mix with fruit vinegar and water

This formulation incorporated with 4545mg high strength hydrolyzed collagen peptides per serving. Hydrolyzed Collagen is easier for the human body to absorb and it helps with skin, hair and nail regeneration. The 5 in 1 formula also includes Hyaluronic Acid that boosts collagen generation in the body for improvement on skin elasticity, retains skin moisture, and support wound healing.Giving you younger-looking skin.
SuperGreen Detox + Skin Support provides 3 step Body Cleanse in 1 Glass.
1st Cleanse: Liver Detox (Help Liver Regenerate)
2nd Cleanse: Digesting System Detox (Soothe Allergy Symptoms)
3rd Cleanse: Body Detox (Maintain blood lipid and blood sugar stability)
SuperGreen Detox + Skin Support used alfalfa & dandelion leaves that is widely used in herbal medicines to stimulate deep liver detox and inhibit the formation of bad cholestrol. Also relieves constipation and intestinal dysfunctions.